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Why Hire Bo’neFly Travel Counselors?

  • We save you “time, money and savvy travelers always use professional travel advisors”.
  • We effectively acknowledge, advocate and efficiently address your travel concerns.
  • We have strong connections and relationships with global travel and tour providers.
  • We provide you with accountability, exemplary service, peace of mind and reliability.
  • We provide customized options and tailor made solutions specific to your distinct needs.
  • We provide complimentary benefits that may enhance your itinerary and monetary value.

Thank you for wanting to know more about us... You are smart to inquire how we are different. Bo'neFly Travel Counselor is recognized by the Travel Institute as a Certified Travel Agent and here is a little secret... We are continually enhancing our travel knowledge so by 2017 the Certified Travel Counselor designation will be awarded.

We understand you may have looked at numerous travel related websites, as we are all part of the world's largest industry, supporting over 260 million employees globally. Our proud travel industry generates over 9% of the world's GDP (Gross Domestic Product.)

When you are ready... contact any of our friendly travel advisors to inquire about your unique travel arrangements. 

We are not for everyone and we understand this fact... you measure our difference and in the meantime we'll hold a last minute seat for you.




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